Memories of the PastEdit

Like all great stories, this one begins with once upon a time.

Once upon a time, there was a woman. A girl, to be exact, a girl who had lived through more pain and sorrow than many women, who had the strength of a woman. She had a brother whom she loved very much. Her brother wasn't normal- he had visions of the future, did not control any magic like everyone else. He was weak yet strong. One day, their village was attacked by demons and men dressed in black. They took her brother away, and out of fear and anger she chased after him, leaving her village. They were too fast and strong. She lost them, and when she returned, her village had been destroyed, massacred, nobody left to live. Tearfully, she heard the last words of village's priestess- find the Sisters of the Dark, and ask them to aid you. So she did. She went to the village and entered the Shrine of Dark, despite legends that only the purest of souls could, even though the girl's soul was tainted with loss, resentment, anger, sorrow, and abandonment. She asked them to help her find her brother, so they granted her a sword- a magic sword, with the power to cut through dimensions, to bring back dead, to control wind and shadow. It was the best sword of all. They told the girl of her destiny, and gave her magic that would allow her to battle any enemy during her search to find her brother. "You must pay a high price for all these gifts we are lending you, girl. Are you ready to do so?" The girl loved her brother very much. She replied yes. They told her that her destiny was to die alone, and in despair, but that her death would save her brother. They asked for the girl's blood and that the girl give them their soul after her death. For it was a soul that, despite being tainted with shadows an dipped in darkess, would be pure in the end. She agreed, and set off. For weeks she searched for her brother, using her sword to search. She found a group of black mages, the same ones who attacked her village, and battled them. With her strong weapon she defeated most, and the few that remained left, only to return stronger in order to dispatch her. Only one remained after her attacks, a boy her age with strength to match her own. The battled for hours. As they did, they felt something connecting them- in the boy's eyes, the girl saw sorrow and loneliness as she saw in her own, and the boy recognized this as well. When they both fell, about to die from the battle, the girl could not let the boy die, for she had seen too much of herself in him. He also reminded her of her lost brother, and with tears she healed him with the last of her magic. With no energy left, the girl nearly died. However, the boy realized she had healed him, and he, being kind and fair at heart, decided to take care of her. He nursed her in the forest for days, until she awakened. She thanked him and helped his wounds, and they stayed at camp to rest a bit longer. They fell in love, neither wanting to leave, but in the end she left.She tried to kill him, for he had come from the group who had stolen her brother, but her heart would not let her. She left behind her necklace and fled at night. When he awoke, she was gone.

They met each other once more in battle weeks later. Once again they remained the only ones on the field, facing each other, and they pushed their feelings aside and fought to the death. However, neither could truly strike a death blow, and in the end the boy confessed his feelings. She told him of her task, and he agreed to help her.


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